Air Conditioning Installation & System Maintenance Service

ST Maintenance Solutions specialise in professional air conditioning installation services in Manchester as well as system maintenance service. The best air conditioning systems are the kind which runs in the background, going about their merry way.  In the summer, they offer respite from stifling conditions outdoors.  During winter months, they work harmoniously with the heating system.  All year round, air conditioning systems filter out extraneous odours from machinery, IT equipment, and other smells which may be discomforting.

Most importantly, to ensure peak performance, your air con system should be properly maintained.  Not only in terms of its performance but also to avert Air Conditioning Installation ManchesterLegionella and Sick Building Syndrome.  A poorly ventilated workplace has negative effects on productivity and the health of your employees, all of which bad for business.

At ST Maintenance, our professionalism is a breath of fresh air, a sentiment shared by many of our clients past and present.  Once we have maintained your existing air conditioning system (or fitted a new one), you wouldn’t notice a thing.  Business as usual.  The air conditioning unit wending its merry way from office to workshop.

Air Conditioning Installation Manchester

For further information on air conditioning installation in Manchester, including system maintenance, repairs & installation packages, why not give us a call on 0161 279 0137 or send us an email to .  We will be pleased to hear from you.