Safety Signage Regulations in the Workplace

Employers have a duty to protect their employees from harm and to ensure the workplace is as safe as it can possibly be. If there is a risk that cannot be controlled or avoided by other means, then it should have a sign clearly warning of the potential dangers. The Health and Safety (Safety Signs […]

What is Preventative Building Maintenance?

Why preventive building maintenance is a necessity When you think about it, everything that is required to run effectively and efficiently requires maintenance. The car you own is serviced annually, the boiler at home is serviced, as is your gas oven, your log burner and road bike. The building in which you run your business […]

Poor Building Maintenance and Schools

How building maintenance has an effect on our education If you can cast your mind back to your school days, you might have mixed memories about your years of compulsory education. As well as the teachers, friends, bullies, and the subjects you were taught, the building can trigger some memories. In terms of the building, […]

Why Annual Boiler Servicing Matters

How boiler servicing is a health issue as well as an efficiency one At this time of writing (or rather, by the time you have read this), this month will see colder temperatures. The end of this week will see temperatures from -4℃ to -10℃ which can only mean one thing: turn up the heating. […]

What is PAT Inspection?

A look at what a PAT inspection entails Making sure your business or property has safe electrics isn’t only good business sense. It is your obligation as an employer or landlord under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Part of this includes what is known as a PAT Inspection. PAT testing is among the various […]

Preventing Legionnaires’ Disease

How maintaining your air conditioning system is the key to preventing Legionnaires’ Disease Philadelphia, 21 July 1976: in the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, the American Legion opened its three-day convention. Philadelphia was chosen as 1976 was the bicentenary of the signing of the US Declaration of Independence in the said city. 2,000 veterans were present. Three days […]

Handyman: The Ultimate Superhero

Bookshelf about to collapse? A fluorescent tube on the blink? This looks like a job for the handyman Not so far from Salford is the base of ST Maintenance Solutions, some all-round good guys who can do anything from installing boilers to preventative maintenance packages. They receive numerous calls from people of all walks of […]