148% Rise in Health and Safety Fines

2016 sees phenomenal rise in Health and Safety fines on previous year

Health and Safety Fines image by Alex Kosev (via Shutterstock).
Image by Alex Kosev (via Shutterstock).

Last year saw a marked rise in Health and Safety fines with a threefold increase in some industrial sectors. The £61 million is 2.5 times that of 2015 figures. Last year’s figure also included the £5 million fine issued to Alton Towers’ owners, Merlin Entertainment.

2016 saw 292 incidents with an average payout of nearly £250,000. Eighteen of the fines issued were in excess of £1 million. In 2015, there was 358 cases though smaller average payouts of £69,500. Just two fines were above the £1 million mark that year. Each of the cases were recorded by BLM’s Health and Safety Tracker.

The bulk of the cases were in the construction sector. Payouts totalled £13,636,346 – up from £6,644,807 in 2015. Seeing one of the biggest rises in cases was the manufacturing sector. Payouts rose fourfold from £4,026,747 to £12,060,972. This rise was dwarfed by that of the Logistics and Transport sector – a seven fold rise from £1,043,000 to £7,298,000.

On the 148% increase, Helen Devery on the BLM Law website said: “The new sentencing guidelines send a strong message to all businesses big or small: it is people and business critical to ensure that safety processes and systems are a board level priority. The introduction of the risk of harm means that near misses will be reviewed and subject to potential prosecution so this has been a game-changing 12 months for the industry.”

To avoid a fine, or being issued with an Improvement Notice, ST Maintenance Solutions will ensure your workplace is at its safest. From offices to factories, industrial estates, and public buildings, we are dedicated to making your base a safer place.

ST Maintenance Solutions, 11 May 2017.

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