Where Building Maintenance Meets Coffee Beans

How EHL Ltd, one of North East England’s foremost building maintenance companies, has added coffee to their portfolio

From beams to beans: EHL Ltd now offers lattes as well as building maintenance services.
From beams to beans: beans means business for Newton Aycliffe’s EHL Ltd. Image by Amenic81 (via Shutterstock).

In the 1970s, it was ‘beer and sandwiches’ which piqued the British psyche, when uttered in relation to trade unions. 40 years on, tea, jam, and biscuits have become Brexit bargaining tools. In the last decade, there has been another boom industry: coffee shops. The newest kid on the block doesn’t have offices in Seattle; it is closer to Settle. Nor is it owned by a one-time brewing giant. Siesta, on Ketton Way in Newton Aycliffe, is owned by a building maintenance company, EHL Ltd.

With its name and graphic design inspired by coffee shops you see in most High Streets, its purpose goes beyond selling scrumptious pastries and freshly roasted coffee. It is also a meetings hub for businesses within Newton Aycliffe. There is also a Drive Thru facility, handy for time-pressed executives, craving a caffeine fix. The coffee shop, just off Durham Way South and the A1(M) motorway not only aims to offer affordable coffee and snacks. It also aims to be a useful facility for employees and visitors.

The coffee shop was publicly launched on the 26 October this year. There was also a sneak preview of the new shop at a Brexit-themed business seminar a fortnight earlier. Its name is inspired by a blinds company on Whinfield Drive, a quick stride towards the building maintenance company’s offices and the new coffee shop.

Siesta Coffee isn’t EHL Ltd’s first foray into the leisure and hospitality industries. The building maintenance company’s other niche is the Be Inspired Gym. In a bid to boost its newest enterprise, senior members of their gyms could get five Siesta coffees alongside their £15 per month subscription.

We wish them the best of luck in taking on the big guns. Perhaps they could stitch up the market for real coffee on industrial estate sites. Anything that offers a genuine alternative to pre-packed sandwiches or butty vans is welcome (sometimes there’s such thing as having too many bacon barms).

About EHL Ltd

EHL Limited was formed in 1993 and became one of the North East’s foremost building maintenance companies. They have a national presence with branch offices in Halifax and Midlothian, as well as its HQ in Newton Aycliffe. Like our company, areas of expertise include air conditioning and heating systems, electrical works, and a variety of other building management systems.

Siesta Coffee is on Ketton Way, just off Durham Way South, in the southern part of Newton Aycliffe. The Be Inspired Gym is on Whinfield Drive, opposite the building maintenance company’s coffee shop. Both sites are just off Junction 59 of the A1(M) motorway (outside Newton Park Services).

ST Maintenance Solutions Ltd, 27 October 2016.

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