Common Commercial Building Maintenance Tasks

commercial building maintenance

Commercial buildings require care and maintenance to ensure durability, maintain its appearance and keep its value high. St Maintenance Solutions Ltd offers distinguished services that any commercial building can benefit from, they offer more than just service itself. In fact, it has a long-term effect in maintaining the quests and customers as well as assuring their safety and protection. Here are the most common services.

Electrical Maintenance

From small commercial business to the largest, each building relies on electrical power. However, the electrical system cannot be guaranteed to stay in the best condition forever as faults do occur and in most cases during the business progress. We offer reliable electrical maintenance services to ensure that the businesses do not come to a halt for a long duration of time. We provide all electrical problems solutions from simple socket repair problems to fixing the complex electrical wiring issues. You are guaranteed of qualified electrical experts, whether you need rewiring of the building, lighting control system, maintenance of standby generators or that of the uninterrupted Power Systems, you can get the service from us.

Mechanical Maintenance

It turns out to be frustrating once a commercial building has mechanical problems. Mechanical services include all maintained services on various mechanical machines such as cooling and heating systems, ventilation systems, refrigeration system, the radiators, plumbing and piping among many others. The tools are associated with wear and tear as time goes by. In fact, their continuous use requires repairs and replacements and without proper maintenance, the lifespan of any machine is limited. There is also variation in temperatures and humidity variations, good maintenance services go with not only the routine operations but also with current conditions. St Maintenance offers well-tailored services according to the mechanical problems at your premises. Thus, with good mechanical service, you not only ensure that you keep running operations but also help you to save on costs in addition to durability factor. With well-maintained mechanical apparatus, you also guarantee comfortability especially for the case of heating, ventilation and cooling systems (HVAC).

Preventive Maintenance

Prevention is one of the best methods to ensure the durability of any machine. With planned preventive building maintenance, you are able to ensure that business does not come to a stop abruptly as Prevention is better than making repairs. In fact, considering other maintenance, preventive is the cheapest in terms of cost. Remember with prevention there are minimal or no replacing needed. The prevention service not only helps the mechanical parts but also goes far ahead in ensuring health and safety of workers, guests and clients within the building. Here are some preventive measures for commercial building maintenance:

  • Development of a clear inspection plan
  • Replacement of faulty parts that would soon lead to problems
  • Cleaning of mechanical apparatus
  • Lubricating machines
  • Performance testing

Understandably, commercial building maintenance is a supportive service that ensures a building is fit for operation. St Maintenance Solutions Ltd focuses on giving you quality and long-lasting maintenance services. We operate on a 24/7 system.

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