Common Commercial Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioners systems are habitually overworked during the summer, particularly in commercial buildings where they have to run throughout. If you encounter problems with a commercial air conditioning unit, you can seek professional air conditioning service in Manchester.

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Common Commercial Air Conditioning Problems

Here are some common commercial air conditioning faults, and some of their causes:

  • Uneven Air Conditioning

Are your employees in different offices giving differing complaints? Some of them might be high temperatures, while others are cold. It may be easy to ignore this as a personal preference, but it could signify a big fault within the commercial air conditioning, especially having leaks in your ductwork. The leaks have to be identified and fixed to solve the problem. Uneven air conditioning can also mean that your thermostat is faulty, which can be a simple fix that will save you some cash in the long-term.

  • Blocked Drain Lines

Moisture in the commercial air conditioning system needs to move around, and that is why the drain lines are important. Like any other system, when exposed to moisture, the drain lines areal ways at risk of blocking, and algae. This can lead to hitches within the system, leaks and water damage. If you do regular checks, you can avoid such problems.

  • Electric Faults

When the commercial air conditioning system suddenly stops working, it may be due to overheating. You might have to check if your circuit breaker has blown fuses. Most of these commercial air conditioning problems can be prevented with repetitive checks and repairs. If a capacitor has burnt, it will not function properly and you have to replace it. A commercial air conditioning system can also malfunction due to a problem with the size of the system. If you are using a system that is too small or too large for the building, you may cause a dis-satisfactory experience for everybody in that workplace.

Commercial air conditioning needs some minor repairs and maintenance every now and then. The check-ups are always important even if you are not facing any challenge at the moment. Seek professional advice with air conditioning installation in Manchester as well as repair and general maintenance to help in preventing bigger problems in the future. The last thing you need is for an inexpensive problem to become an expensive issue later on. At ST Maintenance Solutions you can get a full range of commercial air conditioning services that will help you to address any heating or cooling problems. If you encounter any issue with your air conditioning system and you are not sure how to fix it, you can simply contact our skilled and professional team.

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