Common Issues for Industrial Ventilation Systems

Common Ventilation Issues

Any industry requires industrial ventilation systems. Usually, in any industrial set up, lots of unwanted products are accumulated such as toxic chemicals, fumes and smoke. They mostly include ducts, filters, hoods, fans and exhaust points. These substances are potential for deterioration of human health when they are inhaled. The ventilation system is used to ensure that these pollutants are driven out of the factory using safe mechanism.

They are relevant in assuring the premises workers of safe and clean air for breath. The ventilation systems are however faced with the following issues that may mar their effectiveness. Designing of fittings and duct for a ventilation system is a time-consuming task. If the designs are not well made or fittings are inappropriate, the system faces a lot of problems. Other common issues associated with industrial ventilation systems include the following:

The Wrong Direction of Air Flow

This situation may lead to the flow of the unwanted polluted air. As mentioned earlier, the polluted air is a threat to human health since those fumes and gases emitted are possible causes of killer diseases such as lung cancer, blood circulation related issues and heart diseases. The exhaust dimensions require meeting standard lengths. Good duct designs are effective in ensuring that the pressure is controlled for the best results to be achievable.

Humidity Formation and Blocking

There is the possibility of air to condensation in the duct system. This may occur in the cases whereby the surfaces are cold. In some cases, the surface temperatures may go down such that the process happens for some time. The formation may go-ahead to form a mould. Problems occur in case the mould formed increases with time since it results in a blockage. The blockage affects the proper functioning of the system. Blocking may also occur in cases of clogged filters. If dirt particles are stuck on the filter, the flow of air is limited. The resulting issue leads to low or no supply of fresh air into the system. For the problem elimination, the filters must be cleaned regularly. Additionally, the air from outside should be tapped from a strategic side with fresh air flow.

Flow Rate of the Fan

At times, the fan may operate at inconsistent speeds. Whether it runs at a very high speed or to low speed, it may develop other related problems. Typically, the air flow is affected by systems static pressure. If the pressure is very high, then air flow is reduced: the fact is true for the vice versa. In such scenarios where the system is unable to control high pressure, the supply of air goes down. It is, therefore, recommendable that the pressure is controllable to at most 0.25 inches per w.c. Such low pressure will allow more flow of air.

The issues that affect ventilation system are controllable through proper maintenance of all the system’s components. Without an effective maintenance plan, the industry is likely to incur costly maintenance in case of problems. The process of restoring proper functioning of these systems consumes time and may significantly affect the significant operations of the industry. ST Maintenance Solutions LTD offers the best ventilation maintenance services in the United Kingdom.

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