Dangers of Badly Maintained Air Conditioning

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An air conditioning system that is well maintained can provide your workplace or office with many benefits. It regulates temperature, which helps keep your employees and you happy and productive. Regular maintenance, however, is important because a damaged air conditioning system can have negative effects. Some of these effects are immediate and others deadly.

The following are some of the dangers of a badly maintained air conditioning.

Contaminating the Air and Impacting Productivity

A malfunctioning unit fails to regulate the temperature in your workplace or office, which leaves the temperature in the room extremely or slightly unbalanced. You do not have to be working in an office to know that personal temperature has a dramatic knock-on effect on productivity. An environment that’s too cold or too hot can end up distracting workers from their task and make them less productive. Unlike heating systems, the cooling air process creates a large amount of condensation and moisture, which functioning units often channel away.

However, a unit that is malfunctioning can leave particles of moisture in its interior. These dark, warm and damp spaces make an excellent breeding ground for bacteria plus other micro-organisms that are harmful. This can end up causing unpleasant smells and decreasing the efficiency of the unit. The air conditioning system may start to disperse these germs into your workplace or office for all your workers to breathe them in, which potentially makes them vulnerable to asthma problems and allergies. Symptoms include difficulty breathing, nausea, headaches, itchy eyes and nasal issues. You should call a technician immediately if one of the above symptoms starts occurring.

Potentially Poisoning Your Employees From Air Conditioning System

Coolant leakage is another issue associated with malfunctioning units, which can be a more extreme health hazard that has potentially fatal consequences. This is mostly caused by a malfunctioning Schrader valve, which is an internal mechanism that normally recharges the air conditioning unit with refrigerant. Over time, the seal around the Schrader valve can degrade and result in the coolant leakage. If this occurs, it can end up evaporating into a gas, which your unit will pump into your office atmosphere. This gas is very dangerous and can cause dizziness, coughing, vomiting, headaches and nausea. If you notice one of these symptoms occurring in any of your employees or colleague, it could be an indication of refrigerant poisoning. You should turn off your air conditioning unit and get medical help. After that, you should call a technician immediately. Deaths from refrigerant poisoning aren’t unknown, that’s why it is crucial that you take decisive action fast.

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