Hive System Added to Hanley Homes

British Gas’ mobile based Hive heating system added to Johnson’s Wharf development in Hanley, Staffordshire

Hanley Hive development image by Tim Large (via Shutterstock).
Canal side locations have become popular locations for regeneration schemes. Image by Tim Large (via Shutterstock).

In terms of post-industrial regeneration project, the Potteries area seems to be forgotten about compared with Manchester, Salford, and Liverpool. On the banks of the Caldon Canal, Avant Homes’ Johnsons Wharf development aims to bring new life to the locality. All of their homes will be fitted with British Gas’ Hive heating system.

Don’t You Just Love Being in (Remote) Control?

If you’ve seen the adverts, British Gas’ Hive heating system allows you to monitor energy usage on your smartphone. Avant Homes’ announcement is an industry first; Hive is usually available to individual customers who apply online. Central heating and hot water usage can be controlled from your phone aboard the 18 from Leek to Hanley bus station.

Your phone or PC is linked to a thermostat in your home, which enables you to return to a warm home. Or it lets you switch the heating off, whilst away from home. With Hive, it doesn’t matter who supplies your gas or electricity, so you don’t need to change your utility company to British Gas.

On the heating system maintenance services for adding Hive to the Johnsons Wharf development, Avant Homes’ Midlands director Glyn Mabey said in the Stoke Sentinel: “We are constantly striving to further enhance our product design and specification to the benefit of homebuyers, whilst simultaneously investing in our people, processes and technologies.”

The Johnsons Wharf development comprises of 345 homes. So far, 260 homes have been built with 85 awaiting construction. There is a mix of two, three, and four bedroom properties with prices starting at £130,000. It is a short walk from Hanley town centre, which is the commercial centre of the city of Stoke-on-Trent.

ST Maintenance Solutions, 21 April 2017.

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