How Do Building Ventilation Systems Work?

How building ventilation system work.

Building ventilation systems

Ventilation is an important component in any building whether home, industrial or commercial buildings. Some buildings are built in such a way that natural air circulation is not enough to supply the whole building due to their layout. In such cases, ventilation systems are put in place to facilitate unrestricted circulation of air within buildings. This is a system which aids in air circulation in a building to ensure each room is supplied with enough fresh air as well as heat levels regulation. These systems also help to maintain the humidity inside the different rooms at the recommended levels. These systems allow quality air into the building by filtering out pollutants.

How a ventilation system work

Ventilation systems are basically air conditioning machines and systems. The main tasks performed by these systems is to ensure the levels of heat, fresh air and humidity are maintained at the recommended level within the building. To achieve this, the systems carry fresh air, moisture, and heat into and out of the building. Most of these systems are automatic as they automatically sense what levels of moisture, humidity, and heat are in the room and adjusts accordingly. The system is also comprised of ventilation and heating systems. The heating system raises or lowers the temperature of the room to the required level while the ventilation system allows air in and out as required. These systems apply different mechanisms to achieve the intended system objectives.

Types of mechanical ventilation solutions

Ventilation systems operate in different manners. These systems are named each according to how it operates. These systems are classified below, each according to its mode of operation.

  • Ventilated facade systems.
  • Roof Ventilators.
  • Supply and extract systems with re-circulation.
  • Supply and extract systems with indirect heat recovery.
  • Fan- coil unit with direct fresh air supply through a wall.
  • Mixed mode ventilation.

Heating & Ventilation System Services offered by ST Maintenance Solutions

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