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SPIE Acquires Trios Group

SPIE building management image.
Retail premises form part of SPIE’s portfolio, thanks to their acquisition of The Trios Group. Image by Daniel Gale (via Shutterstock).

This week, SPIE acquired the Trios Group, a building management company with five bases in the UK. Their five UK bases are situated in Warrington, Birmingham, Enfield, Basingstoke, and Cirencester.

Prior to this week, they were one of Britain’s foremost building management companies. Today, they are part of a company with an equally fascinating history. SPIE has its roots in 1836 when brothers Eugene and Adolphe Schneider formed an industrial group with interests in steel and railways. In 1900, they also played an essential role in building the Paris Metro, under Baron-General Édouard Empain’s stewardship. The company renamed themselves as Societé Parisienne pour L’Industrie Électrique. This was shortened to SPIE in 1946.

In Britain, SPIE’s history began in 2007. They acquired the AMEC Group, whom at the time worked on numerous transport projects. SPIE UK’s new acquisition had a £65m takeover last year. Here’s what James Thoden van Velzen, chief executive of SPIE UK had to say:

“This acquisition is the next step forward for SPIE’s technical facility management business.

“We are eager to develop our reach and, with the mobile capabilities Trios Group provides, we are setting ourselves on a path of significant growth in the sector.”

Sandra Harris, Managing Director of the Trios Group said, “We are delighted that Trios Group will be joining SPIE; this is a fantastic opportunity for our employees, the company and our customers alike, and we can’t wait to collaborate on many new and exciting projects.”

The Trios Group’s acquisition adds retail-based building management services to SPIE’s portfolio. One of Trios’ recent contracts is a bespoke version of its Storeforce programme for Poundland stores.

The Trios Group was established in 1919 as F. Middleton and Sons, a building company, situated in the West Midlands. In 1975, they changed their named to Middleton Maintenance Ltd. They became a national player, acquiring businesses along the way. By 2002, they were acquired by South Staffordshire Group PLC, only to demerge three years later as Middleton Maintenance Services Ltd.

2005 saw the demerged company become part of Allday Maintenance Ltd. Another two divisions were created: 365 On Demand Solutions and Middleton Security Solutions. By 2013, they would become the Trios Group, leading us to this week’s merger.

ST Maintenance Solutions, 08 November 2016.

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