Importance of Planned Preventative Maintenance

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’, but what does this mean in terms of planned preventative maintenance of buildings?

Regular Maintenance Saves you Money

planned preventative maintenance

When company directors wish to increase profits, they often slash the budget for overheads and maintenance. This is a very short-sighted solution since it can end up costing them more in the long term. A building’s HVAC system accounts for over 40% of their energy bills. However, if it isn’t maintained regularly, it has an impact on both the performance of the equipment and its energy efficiency. It’s estimated that proper maintenance equates to 15-20% less fuel consumption. By the time a vital piece of equipment goes wrong, it’s too late and the repair bill and labour costs will be significantly higher. Unexpected breakdowns are also more difficult for businesses to budget for and can seriously affect their cash flow.

Protecting Expensive Business Assets

Regular maintenance can make sure that expensive equipment doesn’t need to be replaced so often. Trained maintenance personnel can identify which pieces of equipment are high-usage and arrange for regular checks. Other systems like telecommunications and IT systems are extremely sensitive to extremes of temperature and humidity levels. If the HVAC system isn’t functioning correctly, this can affect how long they last too. Professional planned maintenance personnel can also identify bad practices in the use of equipment to ensure its longevity and arrange for staff training if necessary. They can make sure that manufacturers’ warranties are strictly adhered to. All of these important additional services mean that expensive business assets are kept in peak condition and last longer.

Other Benefits of Planned Maintenance

Apart from the financial side, equipment breakdowns are inconvenient. Instead of arranging for maintenance to be carried out at a time outside business hours, it often has to be done during the working day. Apart from the possible health and safety issues, this urgent repair work can seriously disrupt the productivity of employees and give a bad impression to would-be clients. In extreme cases, it might require the temporary closure of the business or equipment downtime which ultimately affect the business’ profit margins.

How ST Maintenance Solutions can Help you

With fully-trained DBS/CRB checked professional staff, ST Maintenance Solutions offer the best and most affordable planned preventative maintenance service around Manchester and the North-West. We also offer our clients a fast, round-the-clock emergency call-out service. We are fully-insured and welcome any queries so that we can put together a tailor-made maintenance plan to suits the needs of your business. Don’t hesitate to contact us – you’ll soon see savings across the board.

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