ST Maintenance Solutions source their products from the finest manufacturers in the heating and air conditioning industries.  For the following products:

  • Boilers: Veissmann, Keston, Hamworthy, Ideal, BDR Thermea;
  • Water Heaters: Andrews, ACV;
  • Fan Convectors: Dunham-Bush;
  • Heaters: Benson Heating;
  • Warm Air Boilers: Reznor;
  • Steam Boilers: ACV.


One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of HVAC systems founded in 1917. A family business noted for its heating, cooling and climate control technology. Has 22 production divisions in 11 countries with 56% of sales generated abroad.


Founded in 1928 as a commercial and domestic installation and servicing operator, they later manufactured their own boilers. Based in Kingston-upon-Hull, Keston’s boilers also work with renewable sources of energy.


Experience – over 100 years of it in the heating industry – has seen Ideal set the standard for boilers and radiators. The company, based in Hull, also has a Centre of Excellence in Leeds and offers bespoke systems.  Works with social housing trusts as well as private sector businesses.

BDR Thermea:

Probably one of the biggest manufacturers of gas and biomass condenser boilers in Europe.  Its roots lie within Remeha (formed in The Netherlands in 1935), and the UK based company Broag (formed 1946).  Broag was taken over by Remeha in 1984.  By 2009, it assumed its present name after taking over the mainland European division of the Baxi Group (2009) and De Dietrich Thermique (2004).


Designers, manufacturers and suppliers of heating systems for public and private sector businesses. Particularly overhead heaters, fan coil units and convectors, and door curtains.  Has three offices: UK (Havant); China (Yantau); and Malaysia (Kajang).

Benson Heating:

Part of the Ambirad Group, which is also part of Nortek Air Solutions, they specialise in the supply of heating systems.  Mainly overhead radiant heaters, unit heaters and cabinet heaters.  Other products include control panels and ancillary components.


Part of the Baxi Group, Andrews is the leading UK manufacturers of commercial gas fired water heaters.  Formed in 1976, their energy-efficient water heaters are available in condensing, non-condensing and solar forms.  These include the FASTflo plus, HIflo and SOLARflo models.


Long established Belgian company formed in 1922 as Ateilers de Construction d’Appareils de Chauffage et de Ventilation.  The company, serving 40 countries, specialise in the manufacture of hot water tanks, combined boiler and water heaters, and are pioneers of the tank-in-tank concept.


Another long established company, Hamworthy Engineering was founded by Percy and Sidney Hall in 1914 in Poole Quay, Dorset. Expansion saw the company move to bigger premises in the town in 1953. A pioneering company in the field of modular boilers, it has been part of Groupe Atlantic since 2008.


A long established company founded in Mercer, Pennsylvania by George Reznor in 1888. Developed gas fired domestic unit heaters in 1920. Sold to ITT Corp by the Reznor family in 1963. Now part of Nortek Global HVAC.