Preventative Building Maintenance Checklist

preventative-building-maintenance preventative building maintenance

Preventive building maintenance helps keep your systems up and running, efficiently too. Better yet, it helps cut costs on emergency repairs plus the hassle involved when some part breaks down during that low time of the month when every expensive thing is a luxury.

Planned preventative maintenance calls for a certified professional team to keep all your equipment in working order. ST Maintenance Solutions Ltd have a team of top quality property maintenance specialists who specialise in planned preventive maintenance services to keep your mind at ease knowing you achieved better and long lasting results as opposed to DIY.

As you schedule preventive maintenance for your building or property, here is a guideline for the maintenance procedure.

The checklist

Some of the hot spots for regular inspection and maintenance include:

  • Lighting
  • Building interior and exterior
  • HVAC
  • Electricity
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Safety


  1. Lighting
  • Lighting is vital in making your environment conducive during the day and at night. What to do?
  • Check that all lamps are working and replace those that are not.
  • Keep the lenses and lamp surfaces clean.
  • There are Routine checks on luminaires with control gears, transformers or accessories (like glare baffles).
  • Ensure that all exit, interior and exterior lighting are functional and in good shape.


  1. Safety

This measure includes all protection and emergency gears. What to check?

  • Fully equipped first aid kit.
  • Conditional fall protection kits and harnesses.
  • Clear and visible safety signs and labels.


  1. Plumbing
  • Keep your plumbing working?


Annual inspections.

  • Inspect any problems observed (like leakages, noise).
  • Ensure constant lubrication for moving parts in the plumbing system.
  • Replace any parts that need replacement
  • Do fire-testing on heaters.
  • System control tests.


  1. Electricity
  • Electrical systems call for constant attention and check-ups.
  • Conduct 3-5 years inspections.
  • Replace old batteries.
  • Examine exhaust fans and keep them clean.
  • Examine any cracks on cover plates or looseness.


  1. HVAC

Your heating and ventilation system has many needs including:

  • There is a Constant inspection in relevant places.
  • Changing and cleaning filters and others.
  • Correct any leakages, noises or loose fitting parts.
  • Ensure proper working of safety controls and tools.


  1. Building interior and exterior

This process entails every part of your building’s interior and exterior frames.

  • Check painting, ceiling, walls, floor and roof condition.
  • Repair any breakages, cracks or leakages.
  • Maintain cleanliness.
  • Remove unwanted growths.
  • Run fire-alarm test and safety tools.
  • Inspect doors, windows and ventilation.

For these preventative building maintenance services and installations on any scale in Manchester, contact ST Maintenance Solutions. We’ve got you covered.

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