Signs of Building Ventilation Problems

Poor ventilation is a problem that most individuals do not realise that they have in their buildings. With poor ventilation, your commercial building can easily turn from a relaxing and safe place to an uncomfortable and unhealthy one.

Industrial ventilation systems

Poor indoor air quality can result in various health concerns among individuals who suffer from allergies. If you notice that your employees are complaining of health issues such as massive headaches, fatigue and runny noses, it is an indication that your industrial ventilation systems are failing. If this is the case, you will need the services of ST Maintenance Solutions Limited.

We offer a wide range of property and commercial building ventilation services in Manchester as well as throughout the North West, UK. Working closely with us will help you fix your ventilation problem much faster since our work is insured and all our staff members are fully trained. We also provide 24 hours a day, seven days a week emergency call-out services, which give you the much-needed peace of mind. If you are wondering whether your building is experiencing indoor air quality issues or not, you can check out a few warning signs provided below.

The Dreaded Disgusting Moulds

Excellent ventilation allows clean and fresh air to enter and freely circulate throughout your building. Without these essential processes, condensation in your building rises, and mould issues soon follow. The main scary thing about moulds is that they can take one to two days for them to begin spreading. If you allow them to live, it will be difficult for you to eliminate them. To avoid them, it is advisable to install industrial ventilation systems since they allow fresh air to enter and circulate in your building. You should also understand that these organisms not only thrive in bathrooms and dark or damp areas but also survive in other rooms as well.

Stale Odours

If you have lived in your building for long, there are high chances that you are familiar with a specific scent that makes you comfortable. When the odour starts to go sour, it is time to pay attention to your industrial ventilation systems. Unpleasant smells in your commercial building that do not seem to go away is an indication that it does not have adequate ventilation. Most commercial buildings are designed to eliminate stale air out while allowing fresh air in. Before taking any step to fixing your ventilation problem, you should understand how odours move throughout the commercial building. If the odours remain strong for long, in an isolated room or area, you will need to seek the services of the highly skilled ST Maintenance Solutions Limited.

Headaches that Develop Only Inside the Commercial Building

Individuals who work in poorly ventilated buildings often complain about fatigue and massive headaches. Just like fatigue symptoms, pain subsides once your employees leave their workplace. In any case, you should consider this as an indication of ventilation problems in the building. Sometimes, the main culprits are the Volatile Organic Compounds that originate from cleaning solutions, paint thinners, paint and some types of floor carpeting. With poor ventilation, Volatile Organic Compounds can accumulate around and circulate through your air indoors. Any visitor who enters the building can easily inhale them resulting in painful symptoms like headaches.

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