Sodexo’s £60m DWP Estates Contract

Integrated asset and estates management service contract for the Department of Work and Pensions’ properties

Job Centre DWP estates image by Basphoto (via Shutterstock).
Signing on the dotted line: Sodexo will work with the DWP, to manage its estate of over 900 properties. Image by Basphoto (via Shutterstock).

This week, Sodexo, the multinational outsourcing giant has signed a £60 million integrated asset and estates management service contract with the DWP. For a minimum five-year period, the conglomerate will provide facilities management to the DWP’s estate.

At present, the Department of Work and Pensions has over 900 properties. These include head offices and call centres. For many people, the DWP’s public face is Jobcentre Plus. There are 850 Jobcentres across the UK, many of which in their own buildings. Some occupy the ground floors of other DWP related functions.

Sodexo’s role, which includes facilities management, will see them being responsible for the upkeep of the buildings. They will have a say in, for example, how many security guards will be placed outside the reception desk of a Jobcentre.

With the landlord management side of things, their control of DWP estates could see changes to existing properties. More buildings could be sold off for non-Department of Work and Pensions use. Some divisions could be moved to cheaper properties managed by Sodexo.

On the FM World website, Sodexo UK and Ireland CEO for Defence and Government Services, Mark Seastron said: “This contract represents the way forward for asset and estates management, which enables our customers with large, geographically dispersed property portfolios to focus on running their business while we concentrate on assisting them manage their estate.”

Today, it has also been announced that 68 Jobcentres will be merged with larger or underused offices nearby. Four will close, with 40 being co-located with Local Authority facilities. In Greater Manchester, Stalybridge’s Job Centre Plus will close, merging with Ashton-under-Lyne’s branch. In turn, Ashton’s branch will move to the Joint Service Centre, Tameside MBC’s and Tameside College’s new civic centre.

ST Maintenance Solutions, 06 July 2017.

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