Dangers of Badly Maintained Air Conditioning

An air conditioning system that is well maintained can provide your workplace or office with many benefits. It regulates temperature, which helps keep your employees and you happy and productive. Regular maintenance, however, is important because a damaged air conditioning system can have negative effects. Some of these effects are immediate and others deadly.

How Do Building Ventilation Systems Work?

How building ventilation system work. Ventilation is an important component in any building whether home, industrial or commercial buildings. Some buildings are built in such a way that natural air circulation is not enough to supply the whole building due to their layout. In such cases, ventilation systems are put in place to facilitate unrestricted […]

Tesco to Replace Compressor Based AirCon

Leading superstore chain to bin less environmentally friendly compressor based air conditioning systems As far as the environment is concerned, it’s a case of ‘every little helps’, in terms of air conditioning units. Tesco aims to withdraw compressor based aircon systems by 2025. Instead of the less energy efficient system, in will come Air2O IDEC […]

Sheffield’s Role in Qatar World Cup

How a Yorkshire and Qatar based partnership has delivered an air conditioning solution for the 2022 World Cup In five years time, we could be seeing an England side, managed by John Terry (or Gareth Southgate), in the Qatar World Cup Finals. Whoever’s going to be in the dugout in 2022, an Anglo-Qatari partnership is […]

Could Air Conditioning Make You Fat?

Study shows how air conditioning and temperature control has an effect on obesity and diabetes Ask yourself this question: how high do you have your heating thermostat turned up to? If it’s around the usual 21 or 22 degrees Celsius, then you are not alone. This is considered as the usual room temperature in the […]

Air Conditioning Accounts for 10% of UK Energy Use

How a recent report by BRE, for DECC, points to increased use of air conditioning in offices and retail premises In the last five years, Britain’s love affair with air conditioning systems hasn’t ceased. This was detailed in a report by BRE for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) (now part of the […]

Smart Buildings That See The Future

How smart buildings can tell you when your heating or air conditioning system is about to pack up If you mention “Smart Buildings”, the first thing that springs to mind is anything to do with Smart Meters, being able to check your electricity consumption on the 36 to Bolton. Maybe the James Bond style house […]