Common Commercial Building Maintenance Tasks

Commercial buildings require care and maintenance to ensure durability, maintain its appearance and keep its value high. St Maintenance Solutions Ltd offers distinguished services that any commercial building can benefit from, they offer more than just service itself. In fact, it has a long-term effect in maintaining the quests and customers as well as assuring […]

Why is PAT Testing Important

Portable Appliance Testing: a key element of health and safety at work and in the home Portable appliance testing (PAT): when is an appliance portable? What makes an electrical appliance “portable”? The definition is flexible, and so it might not be immediately apparent which items fulfil the criteria for PAT testing (portable appliance testing) maintenance. […]

What is PAT Inspection?

A look at what a PAT inspection entails Making sure your business or property has safe electrics isn’t only good business sense. It is your obligation as an employer or landlord under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Part of this includes what is known as a PAT Inspection. PAT testing is among the various […]

Why PAT Inspection Matters

Plus: everything you need to know about PAT inspection equipment The yearly PAT inspection is part and parcel of your company’s responsibility of creating a safe workplace. As well as being a two-way thing between employers and employees, health and safety also apply to the safety of your tools. That of machinery, computer systems or […]