How Do Building Ventilation Systems Work?

How building ventilation system work. Ventilation is an important component in any building whether home, industrial or commercial buildings. Some buildings are built in such a way that natural air circulation is not enough to supply the whole building due to their layout. In such cases, ventilation systems are put in place to facilitate unrestricted […]

Why Annual Boiler Servicing Matters

How boiler servicing is a health issue as well as an efficiency one At this time of writing (or rather, by the time you have read this), this month will see colder temperatures. The end of this week will see temperatures from -4℃ to -10℃ which can only mean one thing: turn up the heating. […]

Smart Buildings That See The Future

How smart buildings can tell you when your heating or air conditioning system is about to pack up If you mention “Smart Buildings”, the first thing that springs to mind is anything to do with Smart Meters, being able to check your electricity consumption on the 36 to Bolton. Maybe the James Bond style house […]

Air Conditioning From The Stars

How beaming heat into space could form the air conditioning systems of the future In space, nobody can hear you switch your air conditioning system on. Thanks to a recent test at Stanford University, outer space could be the source of our future HVAC system. Using radiative cooling, heat is beamed from the Earth’s surface […]

Handyman: The Ultimate Superhero

Bookshelf about to collapse? A fluorescent tube on the blink? This looks like a job for the handyman Not so far from Salford is the base of ST Maintenance Solutions, some all-round good guys who can do anything from installing boilers to preventative maintenance packages. They receive numerous calls from people of all walks of […]