Common Issues for Industrial Ventilation Systems

Any industry requires industrial ventilation systems. Usually, in any industrial set up, lots of unwanted products are accumulated such as toxic chemicals, fumes and smoke. They mostly include ducts, filters, hoods, fans and exhaust points. These substances are potential for deterioration of human health when they are inhaled. The ventilation system is used to ensure […]

How Do Building Ventilation Systems Work?

How building ventilation system work. Ventilation is an important component in any building whether home, industrial or commercial buildings. Some buildings are built in such a way that natural air circulation is not enough to supply the whole building due to their layout. In such cases, ventilation systems are put in place to facilitate unrestricted […]

Preventing Legionnaires’ Disease

How maintaining your air conditioning system is the key to preventing Legionnaires’ Disease Philadelphia, 21 July 1976: in the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, the American Legion opened its three-day convention. Philadelphia was chosen as 1976 was the bicentenary of the signing of the US Declaration of Independence in the said city. 2,000 veterans were present. Three days […]