Tesco to Replace Compressor Based AirCon

Leading superstore chain to bin less environmentally friendly compressor based air conditioning systems

Tesco Droylsden compressor air conditioning article image by Julius Kielaitis (via Shutterstock).
All Tesco stores, including this one in Droylsden, will benefit from a more environmentally friendly form of air conditioning unit. Image by Julius Kielaitis (via Shutterstock).

As far as the environment is concerned, it’s a case of ‘every little helps’, in terms of air conditioning units. Tesco aims to withdraw compressor based aircon systems by 2025. Instead of the less energy efficient system, in will come Air2O IDEC evaporative cooling technologies. The store chain has formed a partnership with Cosaf.

Unlike the compressor based systems that are being phased out, its combination of indirect and direct evaporation cooling eliminates harmful gases. The new evaporative cooling systems use up to 80% less energy than its predecessors. The new system produced encouraging results, when it was tried out at their Henley-on-Thames store.

Instead of recycled stale air, fresh air is emitted from the system every time. This not only benefits customers, it also benefits all staff who work in a Tesco store. According Air2O IDEC, some older gas based systems use CFC, GWP and HFC gases – environmentally damaging to our planet.

After its well documented troubles, Tesco remains the UK’s most popular supermarket chain. With a significant amount of hypermarkets and convenience stores among their estate, the end of compressor based systems will amount to a great reduction in their carbon footprint.

ST Maintenance Solutions, 04 September 2017.

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