In Video: Industrial Boilers in Action

A selection of video clips featuring industrial boilers in their full glory

Industrial boilers image by Momente (via Shutterstock).
Industrial boilers of the modern day variety. Image by Momente (via Shutterstock).

Once upon a time, the area around our base in Lancashire was right at the heart of the Industrial Revolution. Manchester was once known as Cottonpolis and its outlying towns were Northern Powerhouses in miniature form. It is appropriate that our latest post for the Bank Holiday weekend should reflect this to some extent. So, if you are stuck for something to watch over the Bank Holiday weekend, check out our selection of boiler clips. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Papplewick stoking

How else do we kickstart this selection of video clips featuring industrial boilers? With the stoking of a Lancashire boiler in Papplewick, Nottinghamshire.

Cochran – Boiler Manufacturing Process

In this clip, we see how a Cochran boiler is manufactured in their Annan plant, from start to finish.

Steam Boiler Construction – Byworth Boilers and Kelham Island Museum B

For Byworth Boilers’ clip, we look at how industrial boilers are manufactured for the Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield.

Combe Mill Cornish Boiler in action

Here’s a bit of history in the making: this is what turned out to be last ever firing of a Cornish Boiler at Combe Mill. This took place in 2004.

Cleaning the boiler at Etruria

Ever wondered how the old fashioned industrial boilers were cleaned? Here’s how a Cornish style boiler, 108 years old, is cleaned at the Etruria Industrial Museum. The music in the background is from the stage version of Mary Poppins.

How a Firetube Boiler Works

For our final clip, we look at how Ware Boilers’ firetube boilers work. This is from their company’s blog, entitled Boiling Point.

ST Maintenance Solutions, 25 August 2017.

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