Why Annual Boiler Servicing Matters

How boiler servicing is a health issue as well as an efficiency one

Gas Boiler Control Panel. Image by Ksander (via Shutterstock).
A modern gas boiler control panel. Image by Ksander (via Shutterstock).

At this time of writing (or rather, by the time you have read this), this month will see colder temperatures. The end of this week will see temperatures from -4℃ to -10℃ which can only mean one thing: turn up the heating. It is also the time when your boiler system works harder than usual. With the cold snap upon us, we hope our heating systems are in tip top condition.

To avoid this nightmare, it is always worth getting your boiler serviced. Every year. Reliability isn’t the only reason: health is another one.

This is especially true if you have gas heating. Failure to do so could see your gas appliances leaking carbon monoxide fumes, which could lead to death. For the efficient burning of natural gas, the gas has to be made up of two parts oxygen and one part methane. Breathed in by human beings, carbon monoxide is toxic. Combined with gas fuel, highly explosive.

Gas appliances can get dusty. A dusty fire or heater has an effect on the ratio of methane gas and oxygen which makes up natural gas. As well as boilers, all gas appliances should be serviced by a Gas Safe Qualified engineer.

Looking for someone to service your boiler? We can help you

We at ST Maintenance Solutions, through our sister company (ST Heating Services) can service your boiler and other gas appliances. Whether you need to turn to us for a one-off job or apply for a maintenance contract, our sister company are happy to hear from you.

For a free no-obligation quote, call us on 0161 279 0137. Our knowledgeable team shall get back to you as soon as possible.

ST Maintenance Solutions, 06 February 2017.

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