Why Running Repairs Are Recommended

Why pay more in the long run and ruin your profitability? Running repairs are a must for any business and landlord

Running Repairs contractor. Image by Rafyfane (via Shutterstock).
Internally or externally, running repairs are a must for any business or landlord. Image by Rafyfane (via Shutterstock).

Keeping your business or property portfolio in tip top condition makes good business sense. It is best to keep your properties or business premises properly maintained. From the skirting boards to the ceilings. Prevention, they say is better than a cure: this is why running repairs are important.

Unlike preventative maintenance, running repairs are small scale repairs that enable you to keep a machine or other item in continuous operation. They are no substitute for preventative maintenance, though complementary to this method. In the home, running repairs could be minor things like:

  • Changing a fuse cartridge;
  • Wiring a plug onto the flex wire;
  • Changing a light bulb.

In many cases, running repairs require little or no extra costs. They can also be done by occupants themselves. Sometimes, the tenant or landlord has no time to make the repairs themselves. If you fit any of the aforementioned categories, you could outsource this to a facilities management company like ours.

We at ST Maintenance Solutions can provide all the necessary services for repair works. Our company has a team of handypersons, who are able to undertake such repairs as well as fitting flat pack furniture (though not at the same time course). If you are a landlord, all you need to do is follow up your tenant’s request with a call to our base in Swinton, Lancashire.

With a wealth of customers on our books, some of which longstanding ones, we have gained a number of good reports for our reliability and professionalism. If you have any further queries, give us a call on 0161 279 0137, or send us an email to info@stmaintenancesolutions.co.uk. We shall get back to you as soon as possible.

ST Maintenance Solutions, 22 March 2017.

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