Winter Commercial Property Maintenance Tips

Preparing For Winter Months

Obviously good commercial building maintenance is necessary throughout the year, but it’s particularly vital to prepare for the winter months by ensuring you have carried out all repairs, inspections and maintenance jobs.

Commercial property maintenanceThose in business know that the consequences of not taking preemptive action can be very detrimental if not dealt with effectively, and any winter damage will potentially affect your buildings your staff and customers and may cost a hefty sum to put right.

Water Damage

Frozen pipes can wreak havoc if they burst, and annual checks can go a long way towards preventing unnecessary leakages. Carry out an inspection of any cracks and holes in walls that may seep in and freeze pipes and avert a disaster by filling them in before it gets too icy. If new pipes need to be installed ensure they are positioned in heated parts of the building away from outer walls. Irrigation systems should be insulated in winter where possible to prevent freezing from occurring. Leaves can also block drainpipes and gutters and cause a backlog of water that may freeze up, so if the building gets a large build-up of leaves ensure these are removed.

Snow Patrol

If your property has to endure large and heavy amounts of snowfall on a consistent basis this will need to be cleared to prevent damage and allow access as well as to preventing accidents. However, this can be a difficult and physically demanding exercise that may not be practical for property owners. If this is the case it is possible to hire a professional company who will not only remove excessive snow but will carry out de-icing activities to prevent accidents and slips. This action will protect the fabric of your building and grounds, but it will also ensure that you are acting responsibly as a property owner to prevent serious accidents.

Boilers & Radiators

As with any type of property, commercial building maintenance for winter should incorporate checks on boilers and radiators. Radiators should be examined thoroughly, and bleeding them can release trapped air and make them hotter and more effective. Boiler servicing should be a mandatory check to ensure no dangerous gases or leakage of water are present.

Plant Care

Most commercial properties invest in expensive greenery and you will want to protect this come winter. To ensure your plants survive the coldest months and thrive in spring and summer it will be necessary to carry out preparatory work such as pruning back trees, protecting plants that are sensitive to cold with special covers, and putting down much.

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